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Beyond the Boundary

Beyond the Boundary #1 by NK HONG (aka Nakyum Hong) 2014-2015  홍나겸 ‘경계를 넘어서’

Beyond the Boundary #1 by NK HONG (aka Nakyum Hong) 2014-2015 홍나겸 ‘경계를 넘어서’

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Video Installation , HD 1920X1080 Pixels, 44100 Hz 16 Bit Stereo , 30min Repetition  2013 ~ 2015 

Sound Recording  -  2014-2015 홍나겸 NK hong (aka  Nakyum Hong) 

Camera Shooting  -  2014 -2015 홍나겸 NK hong (aka  Nakyum Hong) 

Exhibition -   2015 14th  DongGang International Photo Festival Gangwon Province Photographers Exhibition  –  Photograph 

( DongGang Museum of Photography Gallery 5, Yeongwol Gangwon-do KR )


작품촬영 및 사운드레코딩   2014-2015  발표 20145
제 14회 동강국제사진제 강원사진가 부분 선정작 - 홍나겸  '경계를 넘어서 '  

  "  Nakyum Hong’s <Beyond the Boundaries > deals with eh meaninglessness of distinctions made by 
mankind by setting booundaries to countless of things . She expresses this idea  by converying a boundless landscape in her work, demonstrating the difficult  moments of distinguishing between the sky and the ocean, the dawn and the dusk merely by time factors. 
Through doing this she raises the question of what is real and what is an illusion , and what is the meaning of placing boundaries to distinguish between things?   " 
-  2015  14th  DongGang International Photo Festival  ; Gangwon Province Photographers Exhibition Curator& Planner SIM Sangman


홍나겸 작가의 < 경계를 넘어서 > 는  이쪽과 저쪽을 구분짓는 인간의 잣대에 대한 무의미함을

경계없는 자연풍경을 통하여 표현하고자 했다.

어디가 하늘이고 어디가 바다인지, 지금이 새벽인지 어스름 저녁인지

시각적 요소만으론 구분짓기 어려운 순간을 보여주면서 작가는 묻고있다. 

" 무엇이 실제이고 무엇이 허상이며 우리가 분별력을 갖고 경계짓는 것이 과연 무슨 의미를 갖는지 .


- 2015  14회 동강국제사진제 강원사진가전 전시기획 심상만 

Artist Statement 

A boundary is an arbitray line that werves a certain purpose , constantly producing delusions based on the sstandard of dichotomy.In the face of the eternal state of flux , all boundaries are always debased. 
Between the two neighboring seasons there are moments of coexistence; light and darkness take truns in succession ; the wind sways every still objects and carries them from place to place.  Nature moves lives and things around from one world to another, and despite boundaries , things always rub off on each other , illumintating , harboring and staining each other and conceiving the next. 

Nature allows us to realize that the boundary between existemce and non-existence, between form and formless is essentially meaningless. 
This makes us realize that all distintions of momentary and eternity , matter and spirit , love and lust , hope and deisre , dream and reality , and life and death are merely the results of the human mind that makes a habit of judging and drawing lines . A boundary is the layer in our minds that covers disparity and discrimination.

'Beyond the Boundary' is an answer to the question posed by artist after an arduous process of photographing , about the world around him and the presence of circulation and coexistence that lie beyond boundaries .